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This is a much better magazine than Vogue.  Its almost entirely free of socialites which is refreshing.  No pseudointellectual articles by vapid Park Ave women in sight.  No inevitably insulting articles on the world and social issues.  Its all fashion and beauty.

I disagree with the reviewer that says its LA-centric.  Almost all the parties featured are in NYC or the Hamptons.  The celebrities included are usually very well dressed.  I find that their websites includes well-dressed lesser known celebrities and I love their look for less.  They feature clothes that people can actually wear and they are rarely ridiculously expensive.  I always mark a lot of the products I see in there.

If youre looking for just fashion and beauty with nothing else, this is the magazine for you.  Yes, there are a lot of ads but certainly less than similar magazines.

Total number of fashion spreads: 0 (not counting Katie Holmes)

This used to be a good magazine, now it reminds me of Allure only worse if thats possible. Its just  20 yr old actresses saying they use whatever skin care/makeup line is being advertised on the next page! So sad, and then they have an entire issue about badass women? Really? All your featured models and actresses are beautiful skinny and young, whats so badass about that.

Ive been racking my brain about how to get psyched to re-start my yelp reviews and the best solution was to begin by reviewing one of my most FAVORITE past times... MAGAZINES!!!

InStyle is one of the most well-rounded, drool-inducing eye candy that I sit by my mail box for!!!  I cant get enough of the unique mix of fashion, beauty advice, celebrity news and lifestyle tidbits.  Its like a cleaned-up and more refined version of my other obsessions (US Weekly, In Touch and the other celebrity/fashion trash!).  Its so easy for me to simply drop what Im doing once it arrives and pore over the fantastic photos, tips and even recipes!  Yeah, most of the time, I just dog-ear the pages with good ideas that I would never be able to afford, but its awesome to dream...

example of my obsession with magazines you ask?

1)  everyone knows that ill zone out at your house if you have any type of magazine available... you wont stand a chance of holding a conversation with me if i get my hands on one!

2)  ive gotten InStyle subscriptions for presents

3)  my very good friend gives me her new but slightly read magazines once shes done... we really should have a mag-swap pact...

4)  for my bridesmaids presents, i put together bags of swag, which included, you guessed it.... trashy mags!!!

5)  i get unapologetically giddy when I open that first page of a new weekly and see the fashion flashback and guilty pleasures sections!

5)  dont get me started on the crazy pile of mags next to my bed!

yeah, theres always tons of ads and those stupid little subscription cards that always end up on my floor, but its really a small price to pay for an hour (or three) of pure bliss!

Somehow, we started getting this doorstop. We dont know how. It just started showing up. It appears to be ads, some pics of famous girls in ugly dresses and more ads. If you keep old issues, you can compare pics of starlets and figure out which ones are building on to their Winchester Mystery Blouse.

I HATE this rag!!!  LAcentric, celebrity obsessed.  A total waste of paper.  The outfits they feature are for starlet wannabes or secretaries who think theyre chic.  The fashion editor Hal Rubenstein only wears black and THUMB RINGS!!!!   Hes also against sandals!  Need I say more?  Want fashion?  Try Jalouse or Numero.  Anything but this crap really.

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