Professional digital conversion

With the business management, professional technology and deep professional technology and in-depth understanding of the industry, we have a good understanding of the latest development trend and innovation of the industry. Learn more

ARM embedded development

In the field of embedded systems, we undertake various development projects of embedded systems, embedded software and large-scale application systems. We sell all kinds of mainstream development boards.

SMT patch processing

PCB design is another pillar service of our company, including ordinary PCB design, high-speed PCB design, EMC design and PCB copy service.

Precise PCB design

We have our own factories in Dongguan and Shenzhen, which can provide you with SMT processing services of various electronic equipment and OEM production services




In Style Magazine

so businesses cant pay to alter or remove their reviews.Learn more. This is a much better magazine than Vogue. Its almost entirely free of socialites which is refreshing. No pseudointellectual articles by vapid Park Ave women in sight. No i...


8 Hot Fashion Trends for Men in

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Don Lemon sends legal letter to

The letter accused Kelly of allowing listeners to be fed a lopsided and inaccurate story about what occurred between Hice and Lemon. CORRECTION:This story has been updated to correct a prior version that incorrectly stated that Ms. Polisi f...


Asian Americans favored Democra

Asian Americans continued to support Democratic candidates in high-profile elections around the country last week, new exit polling data shows. In the Virginia gubernatorial election and the Boston and New York mayoral races, Asian American...